Eamonn Holmes Brands Transfer Of Philip Schofield’s Young Lover To Loose Women ‘Unprecedented’ And Asks Who ‘Authorized’ It

Eamonn Holmes Brands Transfer Of Philip Schofield’s Young Lover To Loose Women ‘Unprecedented’ And Asks Who ‘Authorized’ It

Eamonn Holmes has claimed there was a time when only one of the many Loose Women panelists liked Phillip Schofield.

The former This Morning host has made a series of shocking claims about his former colleague following his very public downfall.

Eamonn claims just one Loose Women star liked Eamonn – but did not name names

Schofield was axed from the show last week following intense speculation about his future and a feud with co-host Holly Willoughby.

Just six days later, he made a bombshell revelation about an affair he had with a teen colleague while he was married.

After Schofield admitted the “consensual on-off relationship”, which he “lied” about for years, Holly Willoughby, 42, and ITV were quick to release statements saying they had been deceived.

Schofield’s lover worked on This Morning before being moved to Loose Women following their relationship, it is understood.

Speaking on GB News about his move to Loose Women, where Eamonn’s wife Ruth Langsford works, presenter Dan Wootton claimed: “A lot of the Loose Women that I spoke to felt very uncomfortable about the fact that this young colleague, who was having an affair with Phillip Schofield and was deeply troubled at this point, had been moved onto their show.

Schofield was sacked from This Morning last week after 21 years as host

“Because it was almost like management was saying, ‘This guy is your problem now, we’re taking him away from This Morning and he’s your problem’.”

In response, Eamonn told the host: “I think that should be asked why that unprecedented move was authorized, who authorized it and why?

“As for the Loose Women, in the year that you’re talking about, the panel that existed, I would say there was probably a minority of one that actually liked Phillip Schofield.”

“One Loose Women of ten or 12 or whatever.”

He continued: “People like me and Amanda Holden who has been very brave throughout all this, people have been like, ‘You must have known’.

“All I can say is I am a good person, I don’t need people to criticize me, I will give people love, tough love.

“I will give them an education in this business – but I’m not looking for anything in return.”

Eamonn also blasted Phil for bringing “toxicity” to the ITV show and claimed staff were “frightened” of him.

He also sensationally revealed that Phil would enjoy “Playtime Thursdays” with his young lover.

Eamonn said Schofield would take the junior runner back to another property he owned in London — and have ITV pay for a car to take his lover back to work on Friday when it was Phillip’s day off.

This Morning’s former Friday host Eamonn said he recently found out that the runner would arrive at the studio much earlier than he would — “delivered from Phillip’s home”.

Eamonn’s wife Ruth Langsford appears on Loose Women – and fronted This Morning with him

This comes as Schofield was pictured with the young male aide as early as 2018 when he hosted a This Morning Live event.

The shamed star was seen with the ITV runner, with whom he had an affair behind his wife’s back, and co-host Holly Willoughby.

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