Croc expert who raped and tortured dogs BRAGGED ‘I always knew I had it in me’


An English crocodile expert facing jail in Australia for raping, torturing and murdering dozens of dogs used the name ‘Monster’ to brag to a pal that ‘I always knew I had it in me’.

Britton’s ‘sadistic sexual interest’ in animals

Adam Britton, 52, admitted having a ‘sadistic sexual interest’ in animals as he pleaded guilty to 60 charges including bestiality, cruelty against animals and possessing child abuse material.

Court documents outline how he would manipulate families no longer able to care for their pets into handing them to him for use in his depraved snuff films.


He was arrested following a raid on his home in Darwin last year, but messages unearthed since then appear to suggest his horrific campaign of abuse began long before.

Britton, a leading zoologist, operated two Telegram accounts under the names of Monster and Cerberus, according to court files.

In messages sent under those accounts, seen by Daily Mail Australia, he described how his disturbing fantasies dated right back to childhood, saying in one private chat: ‘I always knew I had it in me.’

The self-described ‘zoosadist’ wrote: ‘I remember being sadistic to small animals when I was maybe seven or eight, and I repressed it but it really started to come back out again in my fantasies in my 20s and 30s.’

He said in another: ‘I became a zoo [sadist] when I was… well, probably about 12.

‘I vaguely remember being interested in animals before then, but that’s when it got sexual. I started fence jumping when I was 13 or 14 and molesting horses.’

‘Why I love to hurt dogs’

In another conversation, Britton relays a conversation he had with someone else about ‘why I love to hurt dogs’.

He tells them: ‘I wasn’t sure at first, but now I live for it. I can’t stop myself.’

Asked in a later chat with the same user whether he felt ‘nervous’ the first time he ‘snuffed a dog’, Britton replies: ‘The first time? Yeah, I guess I was. I mean, I definitely was.

‘And there was some regret afterwards even, but it passed quickly and I did another a week later. And that one I did not regret. And then another, and another etc.’

Emails seen by the newspaper give a glimpse into how Britton built a rapport with pet owners in order to persuade them to hand over their animals to be abused.

Having set alerts for when a new dog would be listed for sale or as needing rehoming on Gumtree Australia, he would quickly message and begin trying to win their trust with a sob story.

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The horrified owner of one of Britton’s canine victims, named Kiki, described how he got in touch in September 2021 claiming ‘my last girl died a few months ago but I miss her and need another companion’.

In truth, he owned to Swiss Shepherd pets who he also sexually abused and regularly bought other dogs from around the area.

Britton wrote: ‘I’m sorry to hear that your health prevents you from continuing to keep Kiki, that can’t be an easy decision.

‘Perhaps I can make it slightly easier by ensuring she finds a good home with me. I’m the kind of person who wants a dog to be close all the time, the place seems empty otherwise.’

Days later he emailed the woman to say Kiki was ‘very sweet’ and they were ‘bonding already’, adding: ‘She will have a good home here.’

Court documents show she did not survive the week.

Britton has been held in custody and his case has been adjourned for sentencing submissions in December.

He was born in Yorkshire and moved to Australia 20 years ago, and he has previously worked with the BBC and National Geographic.

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