Jamaican man shows off his long dreadlocks that he has been growing for 40 YEARS


A Jamaican man has put Rapunzel to shame while showing off his long dreadlocks that he spent 40 years growing.

Who is Rasta Rapunzel

Footage of the unidentified local standing on top of a building and waving his ombre-colored hair was shared on the @jamaicaviralofficial Instagram page on Monday.

The bearded man was dressed in a T-shirt and shorts paired with boots, and he had a pink towel wrapped around his shoulders.

It’s unclear why the man was on the roof, but he may have scaled to the structure to show the great length of his dreadlocks.

He used his fingers to comb his hair over his head and then opened his dreads as if they were a curtain.

It took him 40 years

The person who was filming him asked him questions as he untangled locks, which hung halfway down the side of the building.

At one point, the cameraman encouraged his friend to read over and touch the man’s dreads. When about his dreadlocks, he said it took him 40 years to grow them that long.

The bottom half was brown, but the new growth near his scalp was gray.

The 45-second video has been viewed more than 42,000 times since it was posted.

‘Wow… just WOW. Look how magnificent these locs are!!! My God how beautiful,’ one fan gushed.

‘Love how you can see them lighten as they aged & more gray hair grew,’ someone else commented.

One Instagram user called him a ‘real-life Rapunzel,’ while another joked that he is a ‘Rasta Rapunzel.’

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