TikTok trend sees people hitting themselves IN THE FACE with hammers


Medical experts are sounding the alarm over a new bizarre TikTok trend that has people hitting themselves in the face with hammers in hopes it will make them more attractive.

What Is Bone Smashing? The TikTok Trend Making People Hit Their Face

The idea behind the so-called ‘bone smashing’ is that people hit their faces with hammers, bottles, massagers, weights or other blunt objects to break or fracture their bones in the hopes of reshaping their facial structure.

The theory behind the scary trend is that bones will heal in a more desirable alignment after being broken or fractured.

What are the dangers about ‘Bone Smashing’ TikTok trend?

But there is no evidence this is the case, and there is a high chance it could go wrong, leaving people looking even worse off.

Dr Prem Tripathi, a plastic surgeon in San Francisco, said in a TikTok video: ‘I honestly never thought I’d have to come on here and say this, but please don’t intentionally break the bones in your face.’

He said if you ‘displace those bones and then they have to heal on their own,’ you can end up with a malunion fracture, which occurs when a fractured bone heals in an abnormal position.

They can lead to health complications and leave you disfigured because ‘the bones are not healed properly.’

Despite the dangers of the trend, videos with the phrase ‘bone smashing tutorial’ have already racked up 364 million views on TikTok.

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