Plane passenger sparks REACTIONS after revealing VERY controversial seat swap trick


Alex Bennett from Arizona has ‘started off’ the debate around airplane etiquette after revealing a controversial seat swap trick.

The keen traveler from Tucson, took to TikTok to tell her 274,000 followers about how she had ‘witnessed the most insane plane behavior.’

She explained how a father-of-two had tricked a fellow passenger into moving seats using seemingly underhand tactics.

The Most Insane Plane Behavior

‘There was a guy behind us sitting on the aisle and a dad walks up with his two kids and he’s like, “hey, man, my kids have middle and window, and I’ve got this aisle across.

‘”Do you mind just swapping me – aisle to aisle?”

‘The guy is like, “No big deal. Happy to switch. Just to clarify you are in this aisle seat?”‘

Said He’s the Aisle Seater

Bennett continued of the exchange that the dad paused but clarified that it was indeed the aisle seat that he was talking about.

‘The guy gets up, swaps, goes to the aisle. Dad sits down on the aisle with his two kids.

‘Girl walks up about 10 seconds later to the guy that swapped. She’s like, “hey, I’m the aisle seat here.”‘

The man explained to the woman how he had just swapped with the father-of-two for the aisle seat – while the doting dad ignores the conversation and continues to look at his phone.

He Has to Relocate Again

But with no further clarification the gentleman who had given up his seat then has to relocate again.

‘He gets up and he moves to the middle. The dad had the middle seat and I think he knew it…

‘The guy didn’t say a word. He could not have been nicer.’

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Alex concluded: ‘I understand. Totally understand. A dad wanted to sit with his kids but I think you got to tell the guy, “yo, man, I’m middle. I need a solid here because I need to stay with my kids.”‘

‘But you can’t say you’re the aisle.’

Viewers React

Viewers were quick to flood to the comments to express their shock. The clip so far has been viewed more than 297,600 times.

One commenter wrote: ‘A plane is the only place you won’t catch me being a people pleaser. My seat is my seat.’

Another commented: ‘This is why my answer is no! Every d*** time.’

A third person added: ‘I put on my headphones, and don’t acknowledge any person once I sit down. Bother someone else lol.’

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