Video: Kevin Spacey Broke Down In Tears As He Disclosed His Multiple S*Xual Assault And Harassment Lawsuits

Video: Kevin Spacey Broke Down In Tears As He Disclosed His Multiple S*Xual Assault And Harassment Lawsuits

Kevin Spacey made a tearful appearance on Piers Morgan Uncensored this week, where he discussed his legal battles and financial struggles, claiming he is now broke.

Spacey faced accusations from more than 15 individuals in 2017, including s*xual assault, harassment, battery, and solicitation of minors.

Actor Anthony Rapp was among those who sued Spacey, but several cases have since been dismissed, and Spacey was acquitted in both US and UK courts last year.

However, a recent documentary called Spacey Unmasked by Max and Channel 4 has led to 10 more victims coming forward with allegations against the actor.

 “I’m not quite sure where I’m going to live now,” Spacey said in regards to his Baltimore home entering foreclosure. When asked why Spacey’s house is being foreclosed on, Spacey replied, “I can’t pay the bills that I owe,” referring to the extensive legal fees associated with his various suits.

Morgan then asked how much money Spacey has — to which Spacey replied “none,” telling Morgan that he still owes millions.

Spacey also discussed his s*xuality with Piers Morgan after coming out as gay in 2017 (in the wake of his many allegations of offenses against young men), telling the host, “I have nothing to hide and I want to live a more open life than the one that I did.”

He continued, saying, “I’ve spent so many years not wanting to talk about myself and avoiding questions about my personal life and my s*xuality.”

Recently, as Kevin Spacey tries to make a comeback in Hollywood, several actors have publicly supported him. Liam Neeson, Sharon Stone, F. Murray Abraham, and Stephen Fry all issued statements endorsing Spacey’s return to the film industry. “Kevin is a good man of character,” said Liam Neeson.

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