Tennis Star: Serena Williams’ Curvaceous Figure Stretches The Limits Of Her Tiny Bikini

Tennis Star: Serena Williams' Curvaceous Figure Stretches The Limits Of Her Tiny Bikini

Serena Williams exudes confidence as she strolls along the beach in a mismatched bikini, appearing in high spirits.

The Wimbledon champion even treated herself to a little dance while enjoying a relaxed day with friends in Miami a few years ago.

However, the 29-year-old faced a minor hiccup – her strapless bikini top seemed to struggle with containing her generous bust. Serena has been recuperating in Miami following emergency surgery, which was necessitated by the removal of a blood clot the size of a grapefruit discovered in her lung back.

This health scare stemmed from complications arising from a pulmonary embolism, initially triggered when she cut her foot on broken glass at a Munich restaurant last July.

Serena has openly shared her recent struggles, admitting to feeling deeply saddened, especially after undergoing a second foot surgery, which left her feeling depressed and tearful.

Since claiming her 13th Grand Slam title at Wimbledon, she has been sidelined from her sport, currently ranking 11th globally in her absence from the WTA Tour. The emotional toll of her time away from tennis has been significant.

Due to the pulmonary embolism, a portion of her lung experienced damage, necessitating ongoing treatment with blood thinners.

Despite being unable to compete, Serena has maintained her lucrative sponsorship deals, including a recent television advertisement showcasing her athletic figure in support of Top Spin 4, a tennis game for the Wii console.

However, the advertisement was deemed too provocative by the game’s maker, 2K Sports, and was subsequently rejected for widespread release.

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