Princess Eugenie Discloses The Most Endearing Pet Name She Has For Her Mother, Sarah Ferguson

Princess Eugenie Discloses The Most Endearing Pet Name She Has For Her Mother, Sarah Ferguson

Throughout the years, various members of the royal family have inadvertently disclosed the endearing monikers they use to address each other. The most recent revelation comes from Princess Eugenie, who shared the heartfelt term she affectionately uses for her mother, Sarah Ferguson.

In a recent conversation for The Anti-Slavery Collective, a charity co-founded by the Princess alongside her close friend Julia de Boinville, Eugenie referred to her mother as “mumsy”.

“You are a huge inspiration to me and Beatrice and Jules, my co-founder of The Anti-Slavery Collective,” she added as they marked Mother’s Day this month. “Your mission from the very beginning of time, before Beatrice and I were born, has been to impact other people’s lives around the world. And it’s been such an inspiration to me growing up.” 

The touching mother-daughter interview centred on the mother-of-two’s incredible philanthropic work at Sarah’s Trust. Gushing with pride, Sarah said: “I’m just really proud of Beatrice and Eugenie and my Julia, my girlies”. 

She continued: “They say on the Aeroplane, put the oxygen mask on yourself and then help the child. I think the best example of what I see sitting here today is that I taught you on your 18th birth day, when you went to the teenage cancer unit.

“I think it was the greatest present I ever gave you, because you understood how lucky you were and I believe that one of the finest things I’ve ever done in my life is making you and Beatrice the people you are, by guiding you through philanthropy and impact…” She went on to say: “I want to be proud [of] you, I mean it’s the best thing I’ve ever done”. 

As she nears her 34th birthday this Saturday, Princess Eugenie lovingly calls her mother “mumsy,” a term Sarah reciprocates with her own endearing nickname for her second-born, “Eugie.”

Meanwhile, Princess Beatrice affectionately refers to her younger sister as “Euge.” In a British Vogue interview, Princess Beatrice expressed her admiration for Eugenie, praising her as “amazing.” Furthermore, Princess Beatrice herself is known by various affectionate names among her close circle, including “Bea.” However, it appears that Princess Eugenie has an even more special nickname for her sister. To commemorate Beatrice’s 31st birthday in August 2019, Eugenie shared a series of images, featuring a charming selfie capturing the two sisters enjoying a leisurely countryside stroll.

She wrote: “You have been bossing it since before I was born and continue to be the most wonderful person, friend and big sister…” The royal affectionately concluded the caption: “Happy Birthday to you Beabea!! Xx.” 

Meanwhile, Sarah revealed the super cute name she calls her firstborn. Taking to Instagram to mark her daughter’s 30th birthday, Sarah wrote: “Happy birthday my Trixie – Belle so proud of you xx.”

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