Arsenal Fan Court-Sentenced For Confronting Roy Keane, Fmr. Man U Captain

Arsenal Fan Court-Sentenced For Confronting Roy Keane, Fmr. Man U Captain

Scott Law has been sentenced following a highly publicized court case where CCTV footage, presented by his defense team, provided insight into a confrontation with former Manchester United midfielder Roy Keane.

The footage captured moments of the altercation, ultimately resulting in Law being found guilty of headbutting Keane in what has been described as a “gratuitous and senseless act of violence.”

Media reports revealed that Scott Law, a 43-year-old resident of Waltham Abbey, Essex, attacked the football pundit following Arsenal’s 3-1 victory over Keane’s former club in September last year. Keane, who had been working for Sky Sports at the Emirates Stadium in north London, was assaulted during the incident, as heard in Highbury Corner Magistrates’ Court.

Law received a three-year football banning order and was ordered to complete 80 hours of unpaid work. Additionally, he was instructed to pay legal costs of £650 plus a victim surcharge of £114. Law claimed to have been an Arsenal fan “from birth.”

The assault occurred as Keane and fellow pundit Micah Richards were heading to broadcast their full-time match analysis. Law alleged that there was “banter” between the pair throughout the game, which escalated when he encountered Keane while using the restroom.

Defense barrister Charles Sherrard KC argued that “the red mist descended” on Keane after a VAR decision went against Manchester United towards the end of the match and he was taunted by home supporters.

He claimed Mr Keane swore at Law and said, “Say it to my face”. Keane replied, “I said that when I was at work? Disagree.”

He informed the court that he was “completely taken by surprise” by the assault and suffered bruising on his chest and arms as a consequence. Richards expressed his “shock” at witnessing the incident and expressed sympathy for Roy, whom he considered a friend.

Civil engineer Law, whose seat was situated below the Sky Sports studio, denied the charge of common assault. Law’s defense team argued that CCTV footage from inside the stadium, presented in court, depicted Keane elbowing the defendant in the face. Additional CCTV footage seemed to show Law fleeing from the stadium on the day of the assault.

Roy Keane reiterated to the court that he was “completely caught off guard” by the attack.

Prosecutor Simon Jones KC asked Law: “Are you seriously saying that Roy Keane ran into the top of your head?” Law, who cried while being questioned, said, “I put my head down in a defensive manner to protect my face.”

Mr Jones said Law’s “ridiculous” defence had “changed dramatically” from a prepared statement he gave to police the day after the headbutt. Asked about the apparent differences in this statement, Law replied: “I’d had no sleep – I was guilty by media.”

Delivering his verdict, District Judge Angus Hamilton said he believed Law had been “untruthful about what happened” during the match. “There was no reason Mr Keane should have picked on him in particular,” he said. Keane “was calm and not agitated” when he left the studio, he added.

The judge said Keane’s reputation as the so-called “hard man of football” was “years ago and was confined to the football pitch”.

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